COVID-19  – Our Response

Dear neighbours, friends, family, and members of our community,

As the Owner and CEO of First Response Landscaping, I feel I have a moral obligation to help ensure our community continues to function in times of crisis such as these. From a business perspective, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about how we were even going to survive with such a massive demobilization of the economy. People are ceasing spending, businesses are shutting down, the true panic of this virus is rapidly setting in. The reality is, however, that we must focus on moving forward and helping those around us.  Right now our community needs us in ways we aren’t even sure of yet. As this develops we can only commit ourselves to do anything and everything possible to help. COVID-19 is unlike anything we have seen before, ravaging at incredible speed. The damage it causes is real and the measured response is justified. 


Effective immediately we will be launching emergency measures to ensure both the continuity of our business and provide assistance to those who need it. 


Community Assistance Measures 

We are launching the following programs to provide as much community assistance as possible. To access any of the below programs please email, message, or phone us. 

  • FREE Pickup/Delivery of any essential supplies – no questions asked 
    • We are happy to provide pickup and delivery of supplies such as groceries, local food, medications, supplies, etc using our trucks. 
  • FREE essential services to seniors and immuno-compromised individuals.
    • Should you find yourself with an immediate concern regarding the wellbeing of your property we will provide free assistance. Things such as smoke detector batteries needing replacing, gutters overflowing due to leaves, fallen trees, etc. 
  • FREE welfare checks
    • We will happily check on your neighbours, family, and friends in a non-contact manner to ensure their well being.  

Business Continuity Measures


  • Deferred payments on our new DIY Assist program
    • DIY Assist will be launching soon and will offer those that are stuck at-home access to professional services for parts of their DIY outdoor projects. 
    • DIY Assist will include deferred payments so you can get the job done now and worry about paying later. 
  • Outdoor power equipment tuneups
    • We will be launching a new tuneup service that includes pickup and dropoff of all small engine home power equipment. We will tuneup things such as mowers, trimmers, etc all inhouse at our local shop by our trained staff. 
  • Gift Certificates
    • We will be launching gift certificates that can be redeemed both on our online supplies depot and for landscaping services. 
  • Landscape Supplies Depot Ramp Up
    • We will be releasing a slew of new offerings on our landscaping depot available online. Things such as mulch, aggregates, tools, and more! 
    • All items are delivered directly to your door.


We know the fight we are facing is one that we will win. Years from now we will look back upon this moment as one where we came together and tackled unthinkable barriers. Together we are stronger, together we will beat COVID-19. 




Jordan Stevenson 


First Response Landscaping 

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