Fall is upon us and with it comes warm turkey dinners, brisk temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes, and of course, leaves that seem to fall like a never-ending rain. While the changing colours of the season may make for some fantastic photos, we are often left with the daunting task of dealing with nature’s mess. When we are confronted with a leaf-covered lawn, our first instinct, naturally, is to clean it up and remove the leaves to let our luscious lawn shine through. How one decides to tackle this situation all depends, but ultimately we have two options: rake them up or mulch them down. Which one is really best for our lawns, though? 


Rake, Pile, Bag


Fall wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t go out and complete the ubiquitous chore of raking leaves into a pile, jumping in them, then bagging them all up. It’s a tradition for many, but have you ever stopped to think why you’re doing it? I am sure your answer is likely along the lines of ensuring a healthy lawn or keeping a tidy property, but is all that work actually worth it? While it’s true raking can create a neat appearance, it’s time-consuming and often necessary to do multiple times a season. Removing the leaves to allow the grass better access to air and sunlight ensures you won’t have problems come spring, but what if there was a better way?


Mulching The Worries Away


Mulching is something you have likely heard of but may never be considered as an option for your fall cleanup. Some run over their leaves a few times over the course of a month before deciding to rake, others put away the mower as soon as the grass stops to grow. The truth is, however, your mower can do a lot more fall work than you may be giving it credit for. First, let’s go over what mulching is, which is the pulverization of leaves into tiny bits. This is why your mower arguably has added superpowers when it comes to the fall time. Here’s why….


Mulched leaves are incredibly beneficial to lawn health!



According to a comprehensive study completed by Michigan State University over the course of 3 years, mulching leaves every fall can produce the following amazing results. 



  • Significant reduction in crabgrass and dandelions 

Mulched leaf particulates fill in the bare spots that normally allow for invasive dandelions and crabgrass. With this added layer of leafy protection, you can reduce the number of unsightly pests almost completely! 


  • Reduction in lawn care costs

Think about all the times you have purchased grass seed, fertilizer, nutrients, etc. for your lawn. Now imagine hardly ever having to do that again. Mulched leaves allow microbes to quickly decompose the biomaterial and convert it into nutrients and nitrogen. This means your getting for free what you would normally pay for at the store. On top of that, if you use a lawn/landscaping company to collect your leaves, you’ll save that much more by having them mulched!


  • Increase of lawn thickness & health

With all the added nutrients, your lawn will become thicker & healthier, starting from spring to fall again! 


  • Less time working, more time relaxing

Mulching leaves is done in a fraction of the time and without all the effort of raking. Spend more time doing things you enjoy! 


These are just some of the benefits that mulching provides over traditional raking. So if you care about the health and appearance of your lawn, consider mulching your leaves this season! Your lawn, back, and wallet will thank you! 




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