Spring is a magical time of year that marks the beginning of warm weather and life returning to the great outdoors. It serves as a great opportunity to get things done around the house like the classic spring cleaning, repairing the damage left by old man winter, and breaking out the summer furniture. While these serve as traditional spring to-dos on everyone’s mind people often forget another key area that should be tended to during this time of year, the soul. Spring serves as an excellent time to decompress from the stresses of winter, be they work, personal trouble, or just life as a whole. With this in mind, I have created a quick to-do list that combines things around the home and for the soul.

  • Turn on the taps

House: Once the negative temperatures disappear it’s time to turn on the outdoor taps. Getting the water flowing means you can start cleaning off everything that has taken a beating from winter and is now covered in salt, sand, dirt, and debris.

Soul: Turning on the taps not only means physically, but it can also mean mentally. Winter is commonly known as the season people bundle up and become reclusive. With this lack of company, we can start to bundle up our feelings and as I am sure everyone can agree this is never a good thing. Take the time to open up your taps and start enjoying more time with each other. Have an outdoor spring bbq or house party, go out and enjoy a coffee, or just spend time with friends. Whatever your preference just ensure to let things start to flow again!


  • Declutter and get rid of the junk

House: Spending all winter indoors means we can start to accumulate a lot of unnecessary things. This is where the classic spring cleaning comes into play. Take the time to go room to room and get things back in order and chuck (or sell) all the things you no longer need. This is also a great time to open up the windows, crank some tunes, and get in the warm weather mood!

Soul: Just like our house we tend to get cluttered minds full of unnecessary worries, little issues, and nagging problems. Take this time to deal with and purge them. Still haven’t visited the inlaws like you promised you would? Need to go to the bank and get everything in a row. Maybe you have been putting off some work you said you would do. Regardless of what it is, do it! These little things add up to unnecessary worry, worry leads to stress, and stress leads to physical decline (wrinkles, poor sleep, grey hair). Declutter that mind and get rid of the junk! This will set you up for better enjoyment of the warm weather!


  • Get ready for the season of growth

House: Everyone likes a yard in tip-top shape, that’s why it’s imperative to get started early to ensure everything is ready for growth. This means trimming trees and bushes, getting rid of debris from the yard (sticks, stones, dog residuals), and aerating/fertilizing. Doing all of this is not only a great way to ensure your yard looks amazing, but it also gives you an excuse to get some fresh air!

Soul: If you’re not growing you’re shrinking. That’s why it’s important to get in a position to be able to grow. This can mean a variety of things to a variety of different people but the concept remains the same. Take the time to position yourself for betterment. Need a course to get that promotion? Want to go back to school to change careers? How about a hobby you want to get into because it’s just something you’re interested in? Get started on it now! There is no time like the present to get the ball rolling on personal growth!


  • Get everything in working order

House: Houston, we have a problem. The infamous saying heard around the world. While it may not be anyone’s fault, Apollo 11 is an example of making sure all systems are good to go. While your house may not be a spaceship (if it is please invite me over for dinner) it does have a lot of different systems that you want to work during the summer. Your air conditioner is a prime example of this. Take the time to ensure it is in working order and even consider bringing someone in to do a quick check. Any outdoor power equipment should also be brought out, started, and serviced if necessary to ensure it is in working order.

Soul: Are you someone who goes months with a problem and only goes to the doctor if it gets so bad you can’t function ( I am guilty of this). Now is the time to go get that sorted before it gets out of hand. You can’t have a great summer if your bodies systems aren’t in working order.

  • Change your smoke/CO detector batteries!

House:  This one is self-explanatory and if there one thing you do on this list it should be this. Take the time to ensure all smoke detectors are in working order and not expired. Need help with this? Call your local fire department administration for assistance!


With the exception of the last item, we can see that every to-do has two applications. It is important we treat both with equal importance to ensure a great start to the amazing summer to come. Enjoy the spring and get outside!



Jordan Stevenson


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